Our Team

Michael J. Walsh
president & ceo

Tim McDermott
vice president

Karen Coll
project coordinator

Matt Kramlick
president of CEC Electric

Kevin Turner
project manager

The Corporate Contracting ___ Difference

CCI founder and CEO Michael Walsh, has a construction resume that dates back nearly three decades, when he began small building jobs right out of high school, in Denville, New Jersey. He was a 'natural' for the business and describes himself as a "hands-on guy" whose passion for construction outweighed his original plans of college followed by law school.

CCI has established a solid reputation in interior office space construction and alterations. Fast-track tenant fit-ups are second nature and the firm is expert in navigating the sometimes cumbersome government permitting process at all levels.

Corporate Contracting, Inc., has longtime relationships and builds offices for clients over and over again. They choose CCI knowing how the job will turn out. Construction is not a commodity, every single construction project is significantly different from the next, ranging from different types of materials, to the scope of the project, as well as time commitments and constraints.

An essential part of the CCI game plan is keeping a tight rein on every assignment. Walsh uses his own team on every job. This enables CCI to use its own personnel for most interior construction; "and the end result is we control jobs and stay efficient," adds Walsh. In 1998, he partnered with an electrical contractor, Matthew Kramlick, now president of CEC Electric, to provide in-house electrical expertise.

For other construction specialties, he relies on a proven roster of subcontractors who have performed successfully for CCI on numerous projects for many years. "We have great leverage, because our subs have worked with us forever, our competitors get into trouble because they might use new or low-bid subcontractors, and never really know how they will work out, we know!", adds Tim McDermott, CCI vice-president.

CCI's measured successful growth is part of the game plan. An essential factor is that, "we never overload our schedule," according to Walsh. Expert skills in CCI's toolbox include converting solely occupied facilities to multi-tenant buildings, and, completing office structure renovations without disturbing the work ethic of existing operations.

Tim McDermott points with pride to the 80,000 SF, five-story 65 Madison Ave., one of the early office buildings to rise above Morristown's corporate landscape. While companies in residence carried on their daily business agendas, CCI added new windows, a new HVAC system, and converted elevators from antiquated cable to hydraulic-driven operations.

In these economic times, many landlords are geared toward tenant retention, and therefore, CCI has been performing capital improvement projects including; lobbies, restrooms, hallways, and parking lot renovations, to name some; the building owners want their properties to look a step above their competitors'. In addition, the economy has forced companies to seek smaller spaces with less expensive rents, while others are expanding, or subdividing, CCI custom tailors all such spaces to fit their needs.

"I'll actually tell a client up front what all the potential problems are and what those   problems might cost, so there are no surprises."
  Mike Walsh - NJ Business Magazine

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