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  • The Corporate Contracting ___ Experience

    Corporate Contracting, Inc. (CCI) has a unique perspective of the commercial construction process from start to finish. When working closely with large property management firms, for example CBRE and Jones Lang LaSalle, or developers Commercial Realty Group (CRG) and Ivy Realty, to name some, CCI is involved in the entire process, from pro-forma budgets in order to close a deal, to the ever important final deadline and punch list, whatever the project, large or small.

    The philosophy of president and CEO Michael Walsh, is that bigger is not better, when it comes to the construction business. What makes a construction company great is consistency with subcontractors, and a staff that works closely together to keep within budgets, and as a matter of course, meet deadlines.

    Mike Walsh is the point of contact on all jobs for CCI, as he believes this is the only way to properly manage a company that constantly experiences floating variables. This allows Mr. Walsh to make immediate decisions, which always keeps the building process moving, and never allows it stall, while waiting for decisions to be made, or staff members making excuses due to lack of organization, always common problems that plague the construction industry.

    "I'm a problem solver, not a finger pointer," says Walsh. "Construction has always been called a 'controlled disaster'; and the main factor for how well that it's controlled, is my team," he adds.

    "In addition to being just a mobile phone call away, Mike Walsh visits job sites daily."
      Dennis Cole - job superintendent

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